Formatting a hard drive

  s99Raj 08:42 17 Jun 05

I've just bought a 160 GB SATA hard drive, formatted it and stuck XP pro on it. After doing just that there seems to be about 152 GB of free space. This 8 GB that is used up seems an awful lot! If I had a 10 GB hard drive, I'm sure 8 GB woulld not get used up in the formatting process and adding an OS.

Or is it a certain percentage of the hard drive that gets used up? What is this 8 GB on my hard drive being used for???

  Graham ® 08:55 17 Jun 05

Look at the hard drive in My Computer, right click on an item and select Properties.

  €dstowe 09:00 17 Jun 05

8GB is about right for the space required for XP.

Remember that on the disk, the O/S is highly compressed - the files being decompressed is one reason it takes so long to install.

In your example of a 10GB hard drive, it is likely that XP wouldn't function at all or, if it did, it would be extremely limited in what it would do.

  Graham ® 09:08 17 Jun 05

My XP Home Windows folder is 3.2GB.

  leo49 09:14 17 Jun 05

I think you're rather fortunate to have 152gb free on a 160gb HDD.

It's nothing to do with the size of XP - with the HDD empty you wouldn't have 160gb.

HDD manufacturers and Windows use different numerical systems - one decimal and the other binary.One reckons on 1000mb to a gb - the other 1024 - guess which system the HDD manufacturer uses.

  mattyc_92 10:43 17 Jun 05

The 160gb drive isn't actually 160gb.... There are aprox 1024megs in a gig, but companies round this to 1000megs to make it easier to calulate.

My Windows XP Professional only uses up around 2.5gb (but my drive supposed to be 160gb, but BIOS and Windows reconise it as 149.something gigs and before anyone asks, yes my BIOS CAN read 160gb, just the drive isn't actually 160gb)

Hope this helps (and not confuses lol)

  mattyc_92 10:44 17 Jun 05

OK, didn't notice leo49's post mine is basically the same...

Must remember to take the time to read and obsorb the info I read... lol

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