Formatting Hard Drive

  Dyffryn 09:28 10 Apr 05

I have just recently been infected with the Winpup32 virus. I have searched the web for a cure, but as I am now pulling my hair out I have decided to start from scratch and reformat my hard drive and reload everything. My question is - when I reformat will it remove the offending virus or will it still be lurking somewhere to get me again? Your help, as usual, would be appreciated.

  Graham ® 09:41 10 Apr 05

It's not a virus, it's adware. Ad-Aware should shift it:

click here

  VoG II 09:47 10 Apr 05

Or manual removal click here

  Fingees 09:52 10 Apr 05

When you've removed it, I would recommend downloading Microsofts antispyware beta from their website. It works well, and it's free.

  Dyffryn 10:15 10 Apr 05

Thank you for your fast response Guys. Graham - I have tried 'adaware', but when I run SpyBot afterwards the program stalls with the sam message 'Winpup32' and some writing in German! VOG - Your cure is far to technical for an OAP!My tired old brain couldn't get around all the technical jargon, sorry! Fingees - Since this problem started I can't get onto the net to try your cure and I am now getting a warning of low virtual memory. I am running Windows XP Home with SP2 and Norton Antivirus (which is regularly updated) As it is pouring with rain I think I will spend my Sunday reformatting the drive if you think this will cure all. Will this do it for me?


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