Formatting hard drive

  phil.s 02:15 15 Feb 04

Hi everyone,

To cut a long story short, I appear to have several viruses on my PC (windows 98 O/S) that are preventing me installing Norton antivirus 2003.

Is the best way around the problem to re-format the hard drive and is this a complicated procedure?

I have a 'restore disc' supplied with the (Tiny) PC that removes all data then reinstalls an image of the O/S and some basic programmes back on to the PC.

Would this be an easier way of removing the viruses and allowing me to then install the Norton antivirus?

Finally, before I take this drastic action is there an easy way to save data such as outlook address books and e-mail messages?



  powerless 02:29 15 Feb 04

You can boot from the NAV 2003 CD and it can scan for a virus.

Email etc | click here

If you current 98 installation is a few years old give it a fresh install.

  DieSse 08:49 15 Feb 04

You could find a friend with an up to date AV program - put your HDD as a slave (or better yet, in place of their CD drves, and you won't have to worry about jumper settongs) in their system, then run a virus check on it.

I've done this many times to recover clients infected drives.

Even if you do decide to reformat/re-install at the end of it, at least you can then save all your data first.

  DieSse 08:50 15 Feb 04

The problem with doing a scan from an old CD such as Norton 2003, is that the virus patterns will be nearly two years out of date.

  georgemac 09:01 15 Feb 04

click here online virus scan or download this stinger standalone virus checker file - shows which viruses it can clean click here

  phil.s 08:54 16 Feb 04


  Jester2K 08:59 16 Feb 04

What do you mean "PC now crashed"

I mean this could mean almost anything! Please try and be more descriptive of whats happened.

I would suggest booting into Safe Mode and scanning with NAV.

Putting your Hard Drive in as a slave in another clean PC is another way to go then scan with the AV on the other PC. It'll remove the viruses but won't clear up the registry so you still get some errors after. But can deal within those later...

Or try installing AVG click here Free Editon

  phil.s 09:09 16 Feb 04

The PC will not start in normal mode or safe mode
The error is:-

Error loading ERROR qjmdqpeanl.exe. You must reinstall windows.

  Jester2K 09:13 16 Feb 04

Sounds like a virus name. Did you just remove one?

  Indigo 1 09:25 16 Feb 04

you obviously have 2 PC's or you couldn't access this site with this problem. Try Diesse's advice of putting the HDD into the second one this may be of help click here

  phil.s 12:55 16 Feb 04

Sorry about the brevity of my messages so far – I am on a PC in work that only allows me to send short postings to this message board. This message has been pasted from word.

What happened was that I did an on-line viruses check on the Trendmicro website which revealed several viruses on my hard drive including ‘trojans’, ‘reg seekers’ and ‘backdoors’!

I followed their advice and deleted some entries in the registry, rebooted, got an MPEG error but windows booted up ok. Then I unchecked ‘run qjmdqpeanl.exe’ in the startup tab in msconfig – I had not seen this entry previously so thought it may contain a virus.

When I rebooted again the error described in my previous posting appeared.
I have tried running safe mode but the error still occurs.

If I use the windows 98 startup floppy combined with my Windows 98 CD, will I be able to reinstall windows without losing any of my files from the PC – unfortunately I have not backed them up recently?

Thanks for all your help so far.

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