BELSOX 17:14 04 Feb 08

I've bought an external HD and transferred all of my files accross. However, I realise NOW that I don't need to transfer everybit of rubbish that's in there. Will I do any harm if I re-format the HD and start over again - this time using common sense?

  tullie 17:21 04 Feb 08

Why not just remove the files you dont want?

  Diemmess 17:40 04 Feb 08

If you have plain "copied" say an OS as well as everything else, your idea will be best in the long run.

Formatting the external HD will do no harm to the main drive c:(?)

Just be very very sure of which HD you are formatting,
And be sure there is nothing else on the HD that you put there to be safe!

  peter99co 17:42 04 Feb 08

Check the Format Fat32 or Ntfs?

  BELSOX 23:31 04 Feb 08

Tullie, Diemmess Peter99co.
Thanks for your helpful comments.Removing 'rubbish or dead' files is ok but I was seeking an oportunity to have everything in a neater or more logical fashion. (Sort of purging past sins!)
I had transferred 'my docs', 'mypics' etc in bulk and that was a mistake.
About the point of protecting other HDs the external comes up on 'E' so this should be safe enough to re-format - don't you agree?
Once again - tks

  Diemmess 08:58 05 Feb 08

Short answer = Yes

Longer answer:
After clearing everything from the External HD I would not hang about before putting an Acronis clone onto it. Then you will have cover for when the C: drive goes silly.
You will still be able to store appropriate folders of data on E: as well. They wont interfere with each other.

  BELSOX 10:19 05 Feb 08

Thanks diemmess

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