Formatting DVD

  sonaisali 12:18 28 Nov 04

Do you need to format DVD+RW discs as i cannot find how to do this. The reason i ask this question is every time i use Pinnacle studio to burn a movie i have created with my camcorder it formats the whole disc and losses any previous movies i have already put on that disc. Am i wrong in thinking a DVD is the same as a RW CD where you can add more data without losing what is already on the disc?? I am also using Nero6 but cannot find anywhere on there either to just format the disc in the first place.

  BigMoFoT 12:24 28 Nov 04

Yes you will need to format a DVD - RW disk before use and Pinnacle will do this by default during it's burning process...

To do this in Nero, you need to choose recorders from the menu accross the top and there is an option to erase rewritable disk

  sonaisali 13:23 28 Nov 04

Ok Thanks but how do i add more to the disc in pinnacle without erasing what is already on there?

  TomJerry 14:17 28 Nov 04

a movie DVD has to have standard file structure, so one movie use one whole disc, this is why pinnacle Erase the disc.

To do what you want to do, you need to re-author the project. You need to import the old movie and add new ones on the dvd menu, prepare the file in HDD and then burn back. A decent dvd author program such as Sonic MyDVD will do great job for this. pinnacle is a editing program, it may not do advanced authroing job.

  sonaisali 19:11 28 Nov 04

Thanks, will try

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