Formatting a corrupted hard drive

  spirojunk 10:54 08 Nov 06

Not long back I stupidly switched motherboards without reinstalling windows and subsquently corrupted by hard drive, so that is now not recognised by windows XP and in a RAW file system.

I want to format it and use it again, as there is no physical problem with the drive, and it is practically brand new. How do I go about formatting it in DOS? Windows won't recognise it. The BIOS does recognise it however. It is a SATA drive.


  Totally-braindead 11:37 08 Nov 06

Download the manufacturers tools and use that. Maxblaster for Maxtor make hard drives, Seatools for Seagate etc

  ashdav 12:08 08 Nov 06

start/right click on My Computer/select manage/select Disk Management from the list/right click on the drive you want to format and select format.
Until it's formatted it won't show in My Computer.

  spirojunk 19:04 08 Nov 06

My drive doesn't show up in Disk Management. And the Maxtor MAX Drive application wouldn't work. Is there any other way of doing it?

  jimmer409® 19:32 08 Nov 06

no solution, just want to keep to your postings, have had same problem in the past

  toxin 19:54 08 Nov 06

Hi Spirojunk

I had a similar problem with an unbootable system, and no OS.

Couldn't format it even in Dos.

Searched the web for solutions and finally found one that worked; click here.

If you can burn the CD this may help.

I tried it and it allowed me to format the drive, create the master boot record, and so reinstall windowsXP.

Everything now seems OK, and I'm busy reinstalling all my old programs.
Fortunately, all my data is on the other HDD, so once I get all my progs back on I should be OK.

Hope this helps, Toxin.

  ashdav 01:19 09 Nov 06

Suggest you try fitting it in another computer just to see it is ok.
One other point, how do you know it is in a raw state when you can't see it ?

  spirojunk 09:49 09 Nov 06

The reason I know it is in a raw state is because I tried to some kind of disk repair in dos (I forget the real name for it), and it said it couldn't because the file system was RAW.

  MichelleC 13:10 09 Nov 06

Maybe it's best to fdisk and convert to ntfs later.

  spirojunk 14:11 09 Nov 06

How can I fdisk? Because the Windows Boot Disks don't include it on the disk? Where can I get it from?


  myfoot 15:27 09 Nov 06

differet boot disks have different progs on them, think I got a boot disk -without "ram drive" and that had "fdisk" on it

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