Formatted hard drive - boot manager error

  Uwe28 23:24 19 Sep 10


I recently formatted my hard drive (having installed W7 over XP) and when I boot my machine I get a 'boot manager missing' error. I have tried booting from the CD drive with my installation disks but get a 'non system disk' error.

It's an old machine with a floppy drive (Packard Bell) and I've lost my floppy recovery disk - can I get hold of something similiar to achieve this or is there some other way round this?

Thanks for your time.

  gengiscant 07:34 20 Sep 10

Have you made sure that boot from CD is selected in the bios, then you should be able to repair the Windows7 startup, which hopefully should sort your problem.

  rawprawn 08:10 20 Sep 10

Have a look in your Floppy drive and make sure there isn't a disk in there which would cause this problem.

  Uwe28 10:17 20 Sep 10

I've checked that the BIOS is booting from CD but still get the BOOTMGR is missing error.

There was a floppy left in the drive which has sorted the non-system disk error so many thanks for that.

Any ideas about how to get hold of the Boot Manager so that I can re-install XP - thanks.

  gengiscant 10:39 20 Sep 10

You should still be able to boot from the disk even though you are getting that error message.
Have you tried booting from your XP disk?

  rawprawn 15:20 20 Sep 10

Try Easy BCD click here

  Uwe28 16:00 20 Sep 10

Still no joy booting with my XP disk and the Easy BCD looks a little complicated. Thanks.

Current situation is.......

I now have a A:> prompt through trying to boot with a DOS 6.22 (?). I thought I could just run Setup.Exe on C:> and XP would install this way.

However, I only have the A, B, E and F drives. B is the floppy, E & F are my DVD/CD drives.

How can I set up my C: drive and can I just install as above.

You may have gathered I don't have any expertise in this field.

Thanks again.

  rawprawn 16:29 20 Sep 10

To change the default drive, simply type the letter of the your choice. The new default will be listed in subsequent DOS prompts.

C> A: [enter]
Changes the default drive from C to A
A> C: [enter]
Changes the default drive from A to C

  Uwe28 16:45 20 Sep 10

I get the above error message when trying to use c: - I only have the drives listed above I'm afraid.

  rawprawn 16:49 20 Sep 10

Are you sure that BIOS is set to boot from CD as the first option?

  Uwe28 17:01 20 Sep 10

...I still get the BOOTMGR missing error.


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