Format/reinstall what else do I need /

  curlylad 19:30 17 May 06

A friend is running XP Pro on a machine he was given.The machines 'gubbins' are fine,more than adequate to run XP.The problem is that he does not have the 25 digit code for the XP Pro that is installed on the machine and cannot therefore get updates etc etc.
He has been bought a genuine XP Home CD-ROM together with obviously the 25 digit code.

1) Is it OK to install XP Home onto the machine after a complete format, in other words will there be no problem as long as the format is done correctly ?

2) Will the same driver discs he had for the XP pro be the right ones for the XPHome ?

Thanks in advance people !

  Diodorus Siculus 19:39 17 May 06

Yes, everything should be fine.

Get click here
SIW and use it to id all components as a safeguard. But as he has the driver disks, he will be fine.

Does he have the XP Pro CD? If so, SIW will be able to tell him the code that he needs.

  curlylad 19:41 17 May 06

Yes he does have the XP Pro CD, it was just the code he did not have.

  woodchip 19:42 17 May 06

He may need some drivers after he load Home

  curlylad 19:45 17 May 06

Will it load to a point where he can access the Internet ?
If so then he can get the drivers from the Internet can he not ?

  woodchip 19:48 17 May 06

I would think so as it can load basic drivers for just about every thing

  woodchip 19:48 17 May 06

Older hardware like scaners printers etc may be a problem

  curlylad 19:56 17 May 06

Thanks woodchip, I believe he has the driver CDs for the peripheral devices.

OK , keep me covered I'm going in !

  DieSse 21:21 17 May 06

If the WinXP Pro is a genuine version, the key can be recovered from the hard drive.

Belarc will do this click here

  curlylad 23:05 17 May 06


He has a version of XPPro on the machine.

He has no 25 digit key for this version.

He has been bought a genuine copy of XP Home with the 25 digit code
Thanks for the help all.

  DieSse 23:26 17 May 06

Yes I understood exactly that from earlier. What I am was saying - possibly too late for you, sorry,- is that you can recover the 25 digit key code for an installed version form the hard drive.

You said he had the XPPro CD - along with the recovered code, that would be all that was required - unless the original version was a pirate version - in which case you should still be able to recover the code, but it may not help you.

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