Formating My C-Drive

  ncfcfan 01:17 26 Aug 07

I am thinking of foramting my c-drive so it is wiped clean of viruses and everything. i am currently using windows xp home. But i do not have the cd to install as it was ready with it when i bought it. So i need a cd or a download to put on cd so i can reinstall it after the format. Is there anywhere you can get it without paying if so where. I dont know the software i need. Also how would you install it.

  Acx 03:04 26 Aug 07

No not legally.

But if this is a genuine request for help you may be able to get a cheap xp cd on e-bay (now that vista is out).

Formatting and reinstalling is easy as long as you have an xp cd.

Without a genuine windows xp home cd, or your computer manufactures cd I wouldn't even attempt it.

  techie4me 08:26 26 Aug 07

Suggest you look on-line foe a genuine copy of XP-Home.
click here £63 for your 'own' copy.
If your going to do the job do it right!

  Taff™ 08:35 26 Aug 07

The easier option is to restore to factory defaults. If the OS was pre-loaded there will be a hidden partition with the OS & drivers. You access this facility from boot up screen or via the manufacturers software recovery facility, depending on the make and model of the computer.

Post back the make and model and someone will point you in the right direction.

  tullie 09:05 26 Aug 07

Why is it full of viruses?

  mfletch 11:38 26 Aug 07

Hi Why do a format?

1/Run a good FREE antivirus AVG/or AVAST

2/ Run some good Antispyware Superantispyware/ AVG Antispyware

3/ Delete/ remove everything you do not need

4/ run Eraser to clean unused disc space

That should be clean enough?


Even if it was preloaded when you bought it you should have received a restore CD with it.

  Taff™ 11:49 26 Aug 07

Not necessarily - a lot of computers now require you to burn your own DVD.

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