formating hdd

  eddie937 17:10 22 Sep 04

i am trying to format my hard drive . i managed to format xp away. but it must of left a couple of files still on my hard drive as it says something about using 2 operating systems on 1 drive. i have used fdisk about 15 times already but it keeps saying something about 2 operating systems then a blue screen of death. is there another formatting disk i could use or does it have to be a windows disk
thanks in advance.

  Dorsai 17:17 22 Sep 04

Fdisk will set up the drive, partition it etc, but to actually format it you will need to use the 'format' command. But then i assume you know that.

Are you able to put the offending HDD in a second pc to see whats actually on it and how it is partitioned ETC?

  Cuddles 17:49 22 Sep 04

Did you remove the logical drive partition?

  Dorsai 18:45 22 Sep 04

Check that you have only one bootable partition set up? Cant remember how though.

click here for a good description of how to use both fdisk and format.

  keith-236785 19:04 22 Sep 04

PLEASE NOTE, FORMATTING DESTROYS ALL DATA ON THE DRIVE. If you are sure you want to format comletely then here goes.

click here download a windows98se startup disk and when downloaded, double click the file to create a startup disk (you will need one blank floppy disk in the drive).

once done, leave the floppy in the drive (or move it to the computer you are wanting to format) and reboot, when you get the menu up, choose option 2 "start computer without cdrom support"

once done, note the letter of the ram disk that has been created (it tells you) then assuming it is E:

at the prompt A:>

type E: (if it aint E:, then whatever it says is ram disk) this changes you to the ram disk directory

type Format C:

press enter and wait while this formats your hard drive, if you have more than one hard drive you can if you want after it has finished, simply type format D: to format the second drive/partition and so on.

then just for good measure

type fdisk /mbr

that rewrites the mbr of the disk (though i think formatting does that anyway)

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