Formated HD, new OS, no internet... Help!

  Ke1thW 11:53 01 Mar 07

Hi all.

I downloaded an original copy of XP Pro yesterday and decided to install it and clean out my hard drive. I deleted all the partitions that were on the hard drive including XP Home. I formated a new partition and Pro set up OK. I did however notice that it never asked me any internet connction questions as setup normally does.

Now I can't connect to the internet.(patch cable to Netgear router) A quick look at device manager shows me that I have a few problems. In 'other devices' it shows the following - ethernet controller, PCI device, PCI modem, SM bus controller, Video controller, Video controller (VGA. These all have question and exclamation marks next to them. Properties shows no information just the location of these devices.

I'm assuming that I have deleted the drivers or the OS doesn't support these? My PC is only a year old, plenty of memory and CPU is very capable....Any ideas on how to sort this?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:58 01 Mar 07

You need to run the motherboard driver CD that should have come with your PC.

Do you have the drivers?
If not:
Do you know make model all equipment? SIW click here will give you that info burn to CD / flash drive and run on your troublesome PC, you can then search for drivers on net and transfer drivers across the same way.

  Ke1thW 12:18 01 Mar 07

Unfortunately I didn't get any driver CDs...thanks Dell!

I have installed a system info tool called HWinfo

click here-

I'm having trouble locating the problem devices though. Do you have any idea what they will be under?


  TonyM 12:36 01 Mar 07

You will need to visit the dell website and download the necessary drivers (for the items listed in your original post) from there ...

  skidzy 13:25 01 Mar 07

We may be able to direct you to the correct drivers.But you must follow Fruit Bat /\0/\'s suggesting regarding (SIW).This will help us find the correct driver.

Or post your Dell details,model and code.... how old is this Dell.

  Ke1thW 13:32 01 Mar 07

The Dell is approximately one year old. It is a Dimension 5150. Here is the download page :(

click here

  skidzy 13:39 01 Mar 07

You have the correct page for the drivers,now you need to download SIW to your desktop,then copy to disc or flashdrive and run on the problem pc.

This will now identify your soundcard and much more.

Once we have this info,we can point you to the correct drivers.
Then we can advise you from there.

All this as advised earlier by Fruit Bat /\0/\

  ventanas 14:51 01 Mar 07

Dell don't supply discs unless you ask for, and pay for them. The restore files are on a hidden partition which is accessed by press a key combination immediately after you switch on (usually Ctrl-F11). There should be a blue band across the top of the screen. Press the keys when this appears.

I would be inclined to do this and restore your pc this way. The run a diagnostic tool to find out what you actually have in the machine, and get the drivers etc first.

I am also a little confused by your statement that you "downloaded" a copy of XP Pro. Where on earth from may I ask. I would be very interested to know.

  robbiepaul79 15:03 01 Mar 07

What may i ask was the operating before you decided apon this venture....i got a dell myself around a year ago and it had XP already on it.

  skidzy 15:04 01 Mar 07

"downloaded a copy of XP Pro"....sounds like p2p,though i may be wrong !

  ventanas 15:22 01 Mar 07

That's what I thought, in which case my help comes to an end.

Hopefully Ke1thW can show otherwise.

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