format xp

  mick73 22:26 29 Jun 08

I need to format hard drive but I don`t have the XP disc. Is there a way?

  Technotiger 22:30 29 Jun 08

Never done it myself, but I know others have .... via a set of floppy disks.... click here

  Pamy 22:50 29 Jun 08

If you manage to format the hard disk, all on it will be lost, without the Xp disk you will not be able to put it on again. Is that what you want to do?

  woodchip 22:54 29 Jun 08

As above if you format it and have no Recovery disc or full XP CD then how are you going to put windows back on the computer? plus you will need all the drivers for the computer hardware

  Pamy 23:03 29 Jun 08

So, why do you need to format the hard drive?

  Strawballs 23:08 29 Jun 08

You might find that there is all you need on a seperate partion on the hard drive to restore factory settings, that is format and reinstall windows and drivers back to as it was new.

What make of computer is it?

  mick73 00:55 30 Jun 08

becauseI have virus and when I follow the instructions to remove them Iam asked for the XP installation disc which I don

  mick73 00:58 30 Jun 08

Which I don`t have. And I want to put Windows 2000 ro on, for which I do have a disc.

  pac73 00:59 30 Jun 08

Mick,try this free scan by ESET click here

It removes everything it finds.By the way,it will only work with internet explorer.

Give it a try,it might find the virus...Whats the name of the virus?
And which programs telling you about this virus?..thanks.

  mick73 00:59 30 Jun 08

and I don`t have a floppy disc drive...

  mick73 01:07 30 Jun 08

Avast! found the virus one is Zapchast and the other is unidentified. I am now running ESET and am turning in. Will chk in manana.

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