Format PROG needed!!!!

  barca1 21:05 23 Apr 08

Anyone got any ideas where i can get a FREE program to format "Master Boot Record" or my complete hard drive as ive looked all over the place for a free un but there is so many websites advertising the prog for free but when you click on there website it states that the free version is VERY basic BUT you can buy the upgraded verion..? WHAT

  Mac70 21:18 23 Apr 08
  Jollyjohn 21:20 23 Apr 08

Try here click here and use a W98 bootdisk. To fix the MBR use "fdisk /mbr" and there is format available.
Also there is click here
Burn to bootable CD and there are lots of tools available.

  DieSse 21:20 23 Apr 08

Killdisk - wipes the whole disk including MBR(s) to zeroes - just as it was aa a new drive.

click here

Drive will need partitioning and OS formatting afterwards, before use.

  csqwared 21:21 23 Apr 08

Or this click here but as with DieSse's suggestion you'll have to repartition etc.

  barca1 21:37 23 Apr 08

WILL these work on Vista as well as XP..??

  csqwared 21:57 23 Apr 08

I don't think it matters much what OS you are running. As far as 'Boot & Nuke' is concerned it runs from a seperate environment, looks at the hard drive, and overwrites everything with (I think, long time since I used it) zeroes. It does mean you have to do a complete re-install of OS and updates, drivers, apps etc you might have.

  csqwared 21:58 23 Apr 08

Might add it takes quite a while to complete the task.

  DieSse 22:04 23 Apr 08

Killdisk (and dban) have nothing to do with the OS. To totally clear a drive they necessarily have to work outside the current OS.

To that end they run from floppy or CD and include their own operating environment (FreeDOS is the normal one - though it really doesn't matter.)

  barca1 22:44 23 Apr 08

can anyone supply a direct link to one please....

DieSse can you enlighten me to whats your best oppinion please...

  DieSse 23:36 23 Apr 08

I've only ever used killdisk - works like it says on the tine. Link in my previous post at 21.20.

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