To format or not format that is the question!!

  PaulOwen 19:25 25 Jul 05

I was wondering if there is any software out there that will do the same thing as completely formatting the hardrive without all the hassle of reloading windows. For example deleting websites visited, cookies, uninstalled programs and anything else that has been deleted. Because I know they lurk about somewhere on the computer until it is formatted. I use ccleaner but does that get rid of everything like formatting?

  961 19:29 25 Jul 05

Tell us what problems you are having

Basically, formatting should be a last resort and often quite unnecessary

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:30 25 Jul 05

You are becoming waaaay too paranoid. Ccleaner will get rid of all the internet rubbish so that it would be really difficult to retrieve. Just to worry you even more, erased data can be read from a disk that has been formatted 8 times...this is how Plod nab their man 9when they are awake). However I have to ask before anyone else.... why would you need to be so thorough in cleaning? Stop faffing around and get on with it.


  PaulOwen 19:32 25 Jul 05

I have no problems I just like to 'clean' the computer every now and then and I just wondered if there was a program that had the same effect as formatting.

  PaulOwen 19:34 25 Jul 05

Like you say GANDALF <|:-)> I may be a bit paranoid but you would be too if you hade the problems I have had lately. I just want to get rid of every trace of this guy.

  Joe R 19:36 25 Jul 05


you don't have to get your hard drive formatted, to get rid of internet clutter. You can do this daily, or after each browsing session, through your browser.

As GANDALF <|:-)>, states Ccleaner will clean up your drive. click here

  Joe R 19:37 25 Jul 05


Oops, just reread the posting again, have you good anti-spyware and virus protection.?

  PaulOwen 19:40 25 Jul 05

I have Norton Systemworks but I have some other troubles which I asked in another thread earlier which GANDALF <|:-)> knows about. I just want to start all again without having to format.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:59 25 Jul 05

If you follow the advice above and in the other thread I guarantee you will have no problems whatsoever...however, if you still feel uneasy then reformatting would settle you a bit more. It is easy-peasey and you will get the best advice here.


Thanks for your advice. I am ok with formatting as I have done it before its just it is a long task and I was just hoping there was something else which had the same effect.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:03 25 Jul 05

' I was just hoping there was something else which had the same effect' have, Ccleaner.


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