format not suppourted on drive c: ?

  dazzling 17:09 01 Jul 03

above is what my friends computer says when trying to format his hard drive using a win 98se startup disk and the format c: command.anyone any ideas.darren

  DieSse 17:18 01 Jul 03

What's on his C disk now - could it be a different, non-FAT32 format?.

Try running FDISK first, to rest any corrupt partition parameters, of try the manufacturers "zero-fill" program to rest the drive back to "factory-state".

  Diemmess 17:49 01 Jul 03

Just wonder if in spite of using the startup disk the computer is somehow booting windows from C:

Check that your friend reaches a DOS screen with A:> showing, because obviously if you are in Windows, then it will not allow the foot-shooting of deleting a running operating system.

If your friend is not seeing the A prompt then go back to the BIOS and make sure that the First Bootup Device is a Floppy or even the CD, but definitely not HDD in any form.

  dazzling 18:09 01 Jul 03

i should veryfy this whats on the hard drive is xp pro in ntfs format but for some reason after been on the net probably a virus it has become corrupted.i talked him through booting to the xp disk but it wont allow him to even with the bios set correctly.also ghost wont work either which is on a partition on the drive this was a last ditch attempt to format the drive.

  User-312386 18:14 01 Jul 03

hold on you said it was windows 98se?

so hes XP then?

If he has tell him to go inot BIOS and set it to CD-ROM as 1st boot, now put the XP disc in and it will format it for him.

When it has formatted the HDD, then change the boot sequece back and XP will then Install

  Rayuk 18:23 01 Jul 03

Use Win98 start up disk and fdisk and delete any non dos partitions.reboot then use fdisk to set up partition reboot and format.

  woodchip 18:28 01 Jul 03

It's ether ntfs or the partition info is not correct, could also have Drive Overlay software on the Drive such as Max Blaster or Seagate Tools check the boot screen when you try to boot it should tell you

  zanwalk 18:28 01 Jul 03

As DieSse says, if fdisk does not work and you can't boot from the XP disk, your only option would be to download a copy of the HD manufacturer's format program which will write a series of zeros to the disk, thus completely wiping off any data on there (inc any viruses).

Note that you will have to use the correct HD manufacturer's program as they won't work with other HD's.

  dazzling 19:04 02 Jul 03

latest developments :- managed to get drive fdisked and formated during installation of xp pro did not install all files it skipped some even after a second go.when xp first started up it produced this message "a thread tried to release a resource it did not own.if this is first time youve seen this message restart.after restart NTLDR is missing is this not a boot file and how do ireplace simple terms pease i am not a whizz and my friend is a technophob and i have to talk him through this on the phone. cheers darren

  dazzling 08:57 03 Jul 03


  beeuuem 13:24 03 Jul 03

This seems to be the generally recommended procedure, although I believe that there are others.

To restore Windows XP Professional versions of Ntldr and on x86- based systems

1. Start Recovery Console by using the Windows XP Professional operating system CD.
Navigate to the system partition root and type the following commands from the Recovery Console prompt:
copy drive:\i386\ntldr

2. copy drive:\i386\

In the preceding two commands, drive represents the letter of the CD-ROM that holds the Windows XP Professional installation files.

3. Answer the Overwrite system? (Yes/No/All): prompts by pressing Y.

4. Restart the computer.

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