Format Hard Drive

  bob's 09:20 12 Mar 04

I had Linux and Windows installed on a hard drive and now i want to go with Windows alone on that drive and use a second hard drive for Linux.The problem is when i format the hard drive and try to install Windows 2000 the Linux boot loader is still present and when Windows 2000 reboots it stops with "Grub" on the screen.How do i get rid of the bootloader and how do i run both operating systems on different hard drives on the one Pc.

  Paranoid Android 10:15 12 Mar 04

Suggest you re-partition prior to re-formatting. This will remove all boot records and delete all data.



  bob's 11:26 12 Mar 04

Can you give me a an idea of the steps to take. Will i use fdisk or Partition Magic.

  Chegs ® 11:43 12 Mar 04

Try FDISK /MBR to remove the grubloader,by booting off a floppy bootable disk.

  Chegs ® 11:46 12 Mar 04

Also,to create a dual boot of Linux,dont use RedHat,its missing the tools here

  bob's 12:43 12 Mar 04

I have Suse Linux 9 and to say it is complicated is an understatement.Maybe when i get used of it i may think different.I will try all your suggestions later on and i will post back later.Thanks for all the help guys.

  JerryJay 12:49 12 Mar 04

partition Magic which can run on two floppies.

  bob's 16:32 12 Mar 04

As Chegs suggested i used Fdisk /Mbr and when i tried it it booted in Windows as before it was booting in Linux.I then deleted all partitions and formatted the drive and now i am installing Windows.The next part will be to set a master and a slave and hopefully get both working.I am grateful to you all for your helo and i am still open to suggestions as to how to get both working.

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