Format DVD RW

  krazi kid 17:42 23 Apr 05

Does anyone knoe how to format a dvd using Nero or Windows media, or any other program known, i am unable to burn anything to the dvd rw before formatting it, well thats the information i was told anyway, i had already tried burning to it and like i was told it was not possible, i message came up stating that i must put a blank CD in which i had already done.

any ideas?

  Smiler 17:48 23 Apr 05

In nero burning rom click on recorder then click erase rewritable disc

  krazi kid 17:53 23 Apr 05

ok il try. but can i just say, it hasnt been used before therefor i dont see any reason as to why there'd be any thing on there.

  rawprawn 18:29 23 Apr 05

If you have Nero INCD open My Computer, Right click on your DVD Drive (D:?) choose Incd format.

  rawprawn 18:31 23 Apr 05

There isn't anything on it but you have to format to enable use.

  krazi kid 19:22 23 Apr 05

whats INCD?

  krazi kid 19:23 23 Apr 05

i do have nero, i have Nero 6, nero express, nero burning rom, and some other programs with it

  Bapou 20:03 23 Apr 05

I use DVD- R/RW with Nero without any need to format the disc. Nero will process that automatically for writing just as it does for CDR/RW. Never had a problem, once tried InCD and found it unreliable. Whether it's problems have now been resolved I wouldn't know.

  TomJerry 20:19 23 Apr 05

no need to format if you use the DVD-RW the same way as DVD-R

if it is not empty, you just erase it

  DieSse 22:58 23 Apr 05

If you read the help files with Windows media player (Version10 - probably some earlier versions too)- it tells you what to do. You don't have to format first - Windows formats as it writes.

  zarobian 22:59 23 Apr 05

Nero InCD is for packet writing. To be used like a floppy or hard disk. Drag and drop copy and paste. Blank DVD RW's are formatted on insertion in the DVD Writer drive.
If you specifically need the above option you will have to install InCd which comes as a pakage with Nero Burning Rom CD. Just browse the Nero CD.
Blank DVDRW are suitable for copying large data/video etc.

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