Format DD Floppy

  Pinelea 13:41 27 Mar 07

How do I format a double-density floppy with XP?

I'm not presented with the options that were there in previous operating systems

  The Brigadier 13:56 27 Mar 07

As you would any other floppy!

  The Brigadier 13:59 27 Mar 07

Put the floppy in the floppy drive.
Go to 'My Computer' Right Click Floppy Drive.
Select 'Format'
Click Start.
(May sure tab on flobby is not set on 'Write Protected'
And Floppy will be formatted, it's that easy.

  Belatucadrus 14:45 27 Mar 07

I've never had that much luck getting XP machines to work satisfactorily if at all with DD diskettes, 1.4Mb HDs OK, 720 DDs no.

  Pinelea 14:48 27 Mar 07

Sorry, it doesn't work.

The drive reads DD disks fine, but I wish to re-format some.

There's only an option to format a 1.44 Mbyte (HD) disk - hence my query and call for help.

  recap 15:33 27 Mar 07

In Win XP type this in command prompt: format a: /t:80 /n:9

  Pinelea 15:46 27 Mar 07

Thanks; that worked a treat. it reminds of the days of DOS 3.3! I'll keep it as amacro.
What a shame it isn't easier. Does Vista do any better?

There are times I wish I still ran W98.


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