A:\>format c: ?????

  Morpheus© 10:34 07 Jun 03

hi again....i made a start up disk, started the PC with it in "object being, i want to wipe the drive clean" i typed the above at the prompt, and i get...

format not supported on drive c:

format terminated

any ideas....thanks

  Giggle n' Bits 10:44 07 Jun 03

Restart pc to start in MS Doss mode if win 98/98Se
or WinME put floppy in & Win Cd in drive restart choose option 1 and follow thorough

To Format the C: HDD restart in MS Doss mode type at the C:Format c:/s or c:Format c:\s then hit enter.

  Morpheus© 10:51 07 Jun 03

thanks, i will give it a go....

  ardvarc 12:32 07 Jun 03

It sounds like your first boot in BIOS is your hard drive. Can you go into BIOS and change it to floppy - save and exit. On restart make sure startup floppy is in the drive and let it run and choose start without cd-rom support with the arrow keys then hit enter. Let it run to the A:> prompt and type in format c: and this should clear your old drive. Don't forget to put power on new drive. If you leave old drive in are you going to use it for backup data, if so set the jumpers to slave. Post back if Achtung! way has worked.

  DieSse 13:53 07 Jun 03

Don't use the /s switch after format - this transfers the system files from the floppy disk drive onto the hard disk, which is NOT what you want.

  Morpheus© 14:03 07 Jun 03

thank you all for the help. is there a site which could have a read up on this? i get a message come up, saying enter the cmos and set the drive to AUTO, which it is already, so i can not move on... :-( so at this moment i have unplugged the slave drive..to clear my brain cells.

thanks again to all.....

  User-312386 15:55 07 Jun 03
  Morpheus© 16:33 07 Jun 03

thanks for that.

long time no see....


  User-312386 10:59 08 Jun 03

so you have changed your name Magik©

why oh why


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