wappa 16:26 20 Mar 08

hi gang,,can u pls tell me the difference pls,when formatting you can do a quick one or a full format,?is there any difference,as when i did my last format,trojans kept appearing from previous installation

  johndrew 16:35 20 Mar 08

Perhaps you need to tell us what you are doing exactly.

A full format will overwrite everything but a quick format will only take the headers off.

It sounds as if you are doing a quick format and installing a backup onto the drive/partition. If this is the case then your backup is contaminated and needs cleaning.

  benoli 16:36 20 Mar 08

I have had the same problem & you need to go onto which ever website for your hard drive mfg, download repair tools that will zero fill all sectors this is the only way to totally remove the trojan.

  woodchip 16:37 20 Mar 08

Quick format just scrubs the Index to files, the files still remain. Full Format Scrubs the Partition of files. But to Clear all delete Partition then Create a New one

  benoli 16:38 20 Mar 08


If your back up corrupt then you need to bite the bullet & start from scratch. clean your HD as I said then reload OP system & all other software.

  DieSse 16:42 20 Mar 08

A quick format resets the tables that indicate what space is used and what is free. Bsically all space is set to free.

A "normal" format writes the addressing information on every sector.

After any kind of formatting, the only type of malware that can reappear is any in the mbr (master boot record) blocks.

To make totally sure that this cannot happen under any circumstances, you should do a "zero fill". This rewrites the whole disk structure back to how it was when shipped

But trojans rarely can survive in the mdb. They normally come back from infected data or software that is reloaded - or because you're constantly open to the same kind of attack.

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