Kuya 12:01 09 Jul 05

How do you format a hard drive?
Can it be done even if I can't boot into the operating system?
Once the drive is formated, how do you get things up and running again?

  Diodorus Siculus 13:02 09 Jul 05

What is your operating system? - Install, Reinstall, Upgrade, Repair Windows XP, 98, ME, NT, 2000, 2003, 3.1 and MSDOS
click here

  Kuya 13:33 09 Jul 05

Original system was Win 98. Updated to Win Me via upgrade disc.

  pj123 14:09 09 Jul 05

Download a Windows 98SE bootdisk from click here

Set your BIOS to boot from floppy 1st. Use the bootdisk to format your C: drive.

Before you do anything though, make sure you have all the install CDs available. eg. sound, graphics, modem, motherboard etc., and all your programme CDs. Also do a backup of all your data/files you want to keep.

  Kuya 16:35 09 Jul 05

OK. Assuming this works - the guys at PC world gave up! How actually do you format the hard drive?

  mattyc_92 16:39 09 Jul 05

Boot from the floppy disk and select "start with CDROM support"

Now, type in:

format c:

and press "y" to confirm

Now type in


and then setup.exe

  pj123 16:59 09 Jul 05

What! Doesn't say much for the Guys at PC World.

As, mattyc_92 says. Just boot from the floppy disk and when you get to the A: prmompt type in "format c:" (without the quotes) and press enter. Press y to confirm and once the format has finished switch off. Now restart your computer (still with the floppy disk in) and when you get to the A: prompt put your Windows CD in and type in "D:" and press enter (or whatever your CD drive is) again without the quotes and then type in "setup" and press enter.

  Kuya 17:00 09 Jul 05

Thanks for that. Things are a little clearer now. Why CD Rom suport and why D?

  Kuya 17:24 09 Jul 05

Cheers! I understand what you are saying now. As soon as I get some free time I'll give it a go.

  howard60 18:34 09 Jul 05

if you format you will lose everything on your hard disk.

  Kuya 17:15 10 Jul 05

Yes. I understand that. However,Windows will not load anyway, so I can't access any imformation from my hard drive. My computer will not go past the Dos screens from startup and says that this is not the correct operating disc.

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