chubb 41 14:16 15 Sep 03

please could some one tell me how you format my hard drive i am running xp pro

  WaiKent 14:20 15 Sep 03

do you have a windows xp disk with you. if you do then insert the disk and it should say format. or if you dont and it must have a restore disk use this to save your work to a partition and it should work.

  chubb 41 14:24 15 Sep 03

i do have my disk but each time i format it just installs xp on my hard drive again thanx for helping

  WaiKent 14:28 15 Sep 03

okay well get a boot disk on a floppy and boot into dos then type fdisk, and after type format c:
then when it is formatted put in your windows xp disk and it will install OS and so on etc...

  MAJ 14:29 15 Sep 03

If you just want to clear your hard drive and not reinstall XP, then use a Win98se floppy and boot the PC with it in the drive. Choose Start without CD-ROM support. When you get the A:\ prompt type fomat c: or whatever drive letter your hard drive is.

  MAJ 14:31 15 Sep 03

you might have to go into the BIOS and change the Floppy drive to the first boot device, if it isn't already.

  chubb 41 14:32 15 Sep 03

how do i create a boot disk ok xp

  MAJ 14:43 15 Sep 03

Download the Win98SE OEM version from click here

  critic-al 15:08 15 Sep 03

Hi m8, can i ask why you wish to remove xp? are you having problems with something or is it just that you dislike xp,if its because of problems, there is plenty of people on here that will be only to pleased to offer help,hope you don't mind me asking.
good luck

  WaiKent 15:23 15 Sep 03

when did you say you wanted to remove xp. i didnt know sorry.

  SEASHANTY 15:31 15 Sep 03

Reformat and install XP click here

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