Forgotten Passwords

  Master Cookie Monster 23:38 09 Nov 03

Hi to all is there any way to find what my passwords are that I have entered because yep you guessed it I have forgot the password for my screen saver and when it cuts in I can't get back into my own computer.

I await with bated breath but do not know if it is possible cheers to all.


  SGT BARNES 00:30 10 Nov 03

press ctrl - alt - del and stop it from there

  Master Cookie Monster 01:02 10 Nov 03

I have managed to stop it but now cannot use my screen saver any suggestions.



  powerless 01:07 10 Nov 03

Operating system?

  DieSse 01:37 10 Nov 03

click here

not for all os's tho'.

  Master Cookie Monster 22:44 10 Nov 03

Hi guys and CHEERS to DieSse my O-S is windows ME and this should work I thank all for your assistance yet again you win the day.

Cheers guys


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