TAINITE 19:23 23 May 03
  Lú-tzé 19:33 23 May 03

click here;en-us;Q321305 for Microsoft's answer.

  graham√ 19:36 23 May 03

Stop shouting (capitals) and don't give your email address!

  Lú-tzé 19:36 23 May 03

http:// support.;en-us;Q321305 is what that should have said - copy and paste into your browser address bar and remove the space before support and before microsoft.

PS - don't put your address here; if people want to contact you, they can click the envelope beside your nickname.

Also, some consider typing in capitals to be shouting and it can mean that people are reluctant to answer queries.

  BBez 19:40 23 May 03

there is a Linux Boot Disk kicking around the net that resets NT/2000 passwords but I cannot guarantee it shall work with XP. click here for more info

  Despicable Desperado 19:52 23 May 03

Making the assumption that you haven't set up a password for the administrator, reboot and press F8 after the post screen. Select safe mode. Go into control panel and select user accounts. Select the user that you want and one of the options is to delete the password. Another is to change the password. Seems to me these are pretty much the same as you do not need to know the old password to change it!!

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