force route table to DHCP client

  soegab 00:25 03 Dec 07

I'm new in this forum, and i have some problem that need to be solved so I ask for your help expert here.

I have a network that will be connected to the outside this way:

[router(main)-using dhcp server]
net1router net2router net3router

my question is :
if I am using DHCP-server on my main router, and on net1,2,3 i'm using dhclient to get the address how could i force client that connected to the network 1/2/3 to set their gateway to their respective router. what is the efficient configuration on router for network1/2/3 ?

sorry for my bad english, since it's not my mother language.

thank you

  mgmcc 08:37 05 Dec 07

If you want the computers attached to the three "sub-routers" to be able to communicate with each other try giving the *MAIN* router a 192.168.x.1 IP address with Subnet Mask

Then give the three sub-routers the IP addresses, and with Subnet Mask

The three sub-routers will get a 192.168.x.x address by DHCP as their WAN IP address and in turn will allocate 10.0.x.x addresses by DHCP to connected computers.

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