Fool proof back up.....win98 + XP

  Morpheus© 08:54 07 May 03
Locked there anything out there that i could use to back my desktop PC with win98 and a laptop with XP, I had visions of something like a portable hard drive.but would those sort of things back everything up, so when it all went pear shaped, i would just plug it into the PC and reload it all...or can it all be backed up on their own PC's...does that make sense...

thanks for your time..

be back in about 3 hours :-)

  1514 09:01 07 May 03

You could try "Acronis True Image" Here is the very same, bundled with "Farstone". click here

  Lú-tzé 09:25 07 May 03

Have a look at this site: clear and simple and "foolproof"

click here



This is the Holy Grail of Backups: A method that ensures you’ll never lose an important file; never have to rebuild your system and reinstall all your software from scratch; never have to re-type or recreate old data; never have that awful “Oh, no!” moment when you realize you need a file you deleted several weeks--- or even years--- ago.

Good backups do all that. They let you restore either a single file, or all files--- including system files--- back to a known-good state.

  Morpheus© 11:46 07 May 03

thank you both, i will now have a study, and see what we come up with....

  Wak 16:37 07 May 03

Hi, before you decide anything, you could also have a look at click here
This program will clone your C;\ drive (including system, registry, programs and all files) to another hard drive and will work with both Win98 and XP.
If things go wrong with your main drive you simply clone everything back again from your second drive.
I've been using this as a back up for 12 over months now. It's quick, easy and FREE.

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