fonts dont look right on new laptop

  martd77 09:48 05 Jan 08

hi i have purchased a medion laptop for my wife which is ok but the fonts look odd,the o for example has a line across the top,as has the s and the a,infact its as if the wording is bolder just across the top of the letters,havent installed or altered any font types,not come across this problem before

any ideas

  rawprawn 10:30 05 Jan 08

Try updating the Graphic drivers

Check that your DPI setting is set to 96 not 120

Display properties > settings > advanced > under General, you'll see your DPI setting, my one was set to Large size (120 DPI)125% normal size by default.
That may help.

  anskyber 11:04 05 Jan 08

Are they lines or two dots across the top?

  DieSse 13:19 05 Jan 08

Ensure that Clear-type is switched on in the display properties.

Display Properties - Appearance - Effects (in XP - don't know about Vista).

For absolute best fonts, use the Cleartype Tuner

click here

  martd77 15:23 05 Jan 08

They are the latest drivers,the graphics are onboard unichrome9,
Anskeybar-they are definite lines across the top of each individual letter,not joined up just over each letter,it actually looks like some type of scandinavian font
Font size is 96 which is default
Cant find any reference to cleartype fonts in vista

  Technotiger 15:43 05 Jan 08
  martd77 15:57 05 Jan 08

Thanks technotiger,cleartype is on by default

  Technotiger 16:01 05 Jan 08

I don't use Vista, but perhaps the fonts look better with clear-type switched off, as per my link.

  martd77 18:15 05 Jan 08

Thats not worked but i have solved it,the wife mentioned she altered the screen resolution to 1072x760 ive changed it to the recommended one of 1200x800 and its eliminated the font problem.

  Technotiger 18:16 05 Jan 08

OK - thanks for the feedback.

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