Folders Showing Items in Reverse Order

  ANJB78 19:26 28 Dec 04

Hi, It is a simple but irritating problem I have noticed that just seemed to happen one day for some reason.

Now all my folders are listed in alphabetical order as I set them normally and that is fine, However when I want to say download a file and I choose which folder to put that file in everything is in reverse order?!! I have tried changing this manually each time and tried something else but every single time that happens everything again shows in reverse order (Z-A not A-Z)

As I say it's very irritating and I'm sure it must be something very simple! Could someone please help?

  watchful 20:25 28 Dec 04

Under View, arrange icons by...have you got name bulleted?

If modified is shown then they'll be in date order.

  MFKR78 21:00 28 Dec 04

I have but that only shows when I look at the file say from my desktop, It has name bulleted under view but they ARE in order anyway.

To explain better if I try to say change my desktop pic and I browse those same folders on my desktop everything backwards and I can't see how to change it or keep it changed.

It's the same if I download a file, Everything is in reverse order yet if I open the folder from my desktop everything is in order as I wanted??

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