Folder view in Vista -- must be bored.

  mooly 17:50 05 Jan 09

When you click on pictures or documents and your folders are displayed, a couple of the "contents" of each folder are shown, like the pages of an open book.
Question ? Which of the items in the folder get priority and make it to the folder cover ?

  lotvic 19:15 05 Jan 09

You don't seem to have a problem - other than being bored mooly maybe that's why you keep wearing out the Scroll Wheel on your mouse.

  Woolwell 23:25 05 Jan 09

I wish you hadn't asked as now I want to know.

You can change the folder preview picture click here

  mooly 07:25 06 Jan 09

Now then, I don't think that's what I mean. When you display the folder ( as in the example in the link ) if it's empty it's a beige coloured -- well half open folder. If you put stuff in there the half open folder shows a couple of images of whats actually stored within that folder.
What determines which of say 50 pictures in that folder make it to the "folder view".

  Woolwell 08:53 06 Jan 09

Apparently Vista builds up a thumbnail cache and the preview thumbnails are random. Once Vista has decided its random choice it stays there unless you change the folder preview picture.

Now I wait for someone to contradict me!

  mooly 09:20 06 Jan 09

Well I have just put two photos into a folder with a lot of images already in there. Now this AM those two pictures now show on the front of that folder. Last in, first to show maybe ? Must keep a watch.

  Woolwell 09:58 06 Jan 09

Same result - last picture is added to thumbnail cache.

  mooly 12:18 06 Jan 09

So that is how it works. What if you don't like it ? erm answers on a postcard !

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