Folder Permissions Denied

  Soniclight 08:14 09 Aug 07

My roommate has two Windows XP boxes he was trying to create folder permission restrictions on in order to secure them over the network. In the process he hit the Deny Everyone function on both boxes and rebooted. He now has no access to either computer.
Is there any way to obtain access to the computers so that he doesn't have to reformat the systems and lose data?
I've tried ACL mod programs off a jump drive only to find out it only affected the jump drive (worth a try.) and several back doors from Task Manager.

Any thoughts anyone? Any help appreciated.


  ^wave^ 08:23 09 Aug 07

will it boot up

  Soniclight 18:26 09 Aug 07

In response to the boot question: Yes it boots. We can get to the logon screen and log in to a background but nothing else, no explorer, nothing beyond that,

In response to the second question: We tried the last known good config option to no avail, it didn't take us past the permission setting update. We can get into regedit, but the permission settings won't modify from there.


  beeuuem 19:09 09 Aug 07

Try booting in Safe Mode - logon as administrator and see if that will allow you to access the security settings.

  Soniclight 19:13 09 Aug 07

Safe mode acts exactly like a standard boot: can get to the logon screen and past it (with any account including Admin) but won't start any programs up.


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