folder listing as text file

  johnincrete 15:54 05 Dec 08

I have lots of files in lots of folders. I want to do a listing, with details as in MyComputer (Details), into a text file so that I can create a spreadsheet of filename and path and sort into filename sequence.
I was easy in DOS and Unix - a listing of my documents + all subfolders piped into a text file.
Can user unfriendly Windows XP do it?
Or is there software than can do it?

  MCE2K5 19:46 05 Dec 08

Karen's Directory Printer v5.3.1 click here

Saves to disk as text file.

  VoG II 22:29 05 Dec 08

You can go directly to Excel click here but this won't work in Excel 2007.

  johnincrete 09:36 06 Dec 08

Looks just what I want - but I can't get it to work! On the "save to disk" tab, all I have changed is the directory to My Documents. All I get is a file with some notes - no file listing.
Cannot find a contact details for Karen so can you help please?

  johnincrete 09:40 06 Dec 08

Thanks but I see the question + tons of adverts but no answer.

  Jollyjohn 09:46 06 Dec 08

Open command prompt and use TREE
E.G. tree c: /f >e:\list.txt
this gives a file listing of C: Redirected > to a file called list.txt on my e: drive.
If you are familiar with DOS you can tweak the output....

  johnincrete 09:06 07 Dec 08

this is what I tried
tree C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents /f > list.txt

There was some of tye typical disk head moving sound but there is no list.txt anywhere according to Search. Previousl;y, I tried with > L:list.txt (L is my external disk)

What have I done wrong?

  Jollyjohn 09:32 07 Dec 08

When you get to the command prompt
C:\Documents and settings
type "CD \"
then try the tree command again, maybe specify C:\list.txt as the output file, just to check it works and then try L:\ again

  johnincrete 17:20 07 Dec 08

Nope - still no file produced. Did not recognise CD \ so I did just C: first.
Maybe I have got "open command prompt" wrong. I used "Run".
I'm not using absolute beginners by accident!!!

  Jollyjohn 19:36 07 Dec 08

You should get a DOS window open either by going RUN "cmd" enter or START, ALL PROGRAMS, ACCESORIES, COMMAND PROMPT
then try CD\
Tree etc

  johnincrete 05:11 08 Dec 08

Thankyou for your patience jollyjohn.
I got to cmd prompt via accessories & saw that it was already in mydocs and it did produce list.txt.
Now I need to get Excel working - but that's another matter.

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