Folder Access denied

  Daiol 12 Oct 11

Hi.I'm using windows 7,I have a folder in my documents that contains a backup of my emails,Now I have made a new folder with a new backup.Now I want to delete the old folder when I try highlight folder shift key and delete key,I get a box on screen ''Folder Access Denied''Yellow triangle and 'You need permission from the administrator to make changes to this folder'. Any help here please even tried sure delete. Thanks,david.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12 Oct 11

Change the permissions for folders (and subdirectories) by right clicking on the parent folder, choose Properties, go to the Security tab, click Advanced, go to the Owner tab, click Edit, select the new owner and check the Replace owner on subcontainers and objects and press Apply.

  Daiol 12 Oct 11

Thanks for that,Followed you info.When I got to the owner tab Then click on edit Cant see a box to replace owner,What I got is Object name c:\user\windows7\Documents\email backup

Current owner administrator(windows7-pc administrators) Then below

Administrators (windows7-pcAdministrators windows7(windows7-pc\windows7)

Any help here please.How to I change the name of my pc to my name,As when it was built the pc guy didn't name it as david Can I do that if so can you tell me how to solve this please. Thankyou.david.

  robin_x 12 Oct 11

Enable Take Ownership

Or manually unlock it with a Cmd box:

Start/Search cmd. Right click cmd, Run as Administrator.


cacls "c:\YourLockedFolder" /E /G username :F

Subsititute your path and folder name for c:YourLockedFolder

If your username has a space, put it in quotes too.

If you wish to lock the folder when you have finished

cacls "c:\YourLockedFolder" /E /R username

  Daiol 13 Oct 11

Thanks both for your input.The link that 'robinofloxley' gave made a little bit of sense to me,Anyway its all sorted now,Thanks to all once again.


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