FLV conversions out of sync

  superhoops 23:32 26 Feb 08

Hi I can convert all types of videos successfully to MP4 for my ipod except for FLV that are always out of sync. I have tried a dozen different converters always with the same result. Any ideas? Thanks.

  MCE2K5 00:01 27 Feb 08

Have you tried sending the Output file (mp4) to a different HardDrive.

i.e. Video.flv (On C Drive) Video.mp4 (To D Drive).

  MCE2K5 00:02 27 Feb 08

ps. Which programs have you tried it with.

  superhoops 09:18 27 Feb 08

Hi there, thanks for the reply.
Just tried your suggestion of sending the output to D drive, and same result!!

Programs I have currently installed are Any Video Converter,ZC Video Converter, WM Converter. Over the past 6 months I have tried probably 10 or so others, cant really remember the names. Always get the same problems, but only with flv!!

  merciarich 09:22 27 Feb 08

The audio compression needs to be changed

Whatever it is on now, notch it up. Keep doing so until it syncs

  superhoops 09:51 27 Feb 08

Hi merciarich. Thanks for the suggestion. Tried that but still out of sync!

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