Floppy light drive perminatly on when powered up

  Nemo_t 11:55 25 Mar 08


Can anyone please help me yet again lol

My pc when its powered up & running the floppy drive light stays perminatly on

Its an MSI motherboard which is running on XP home

The light never goes out the only time it does is when the pc is shut down.

Ive tried another floppy drive on my pc to see if the one I had was faulty but it still does the same.

Any ideas?


  RobCharles1981 11:59 25 Mar 08

It might be that

You might have the floppy cable the wrong way around it needs to be twisted.

Also check the power cable is plugged in properly from your psu.

  Eric10 13:56 25 Mar 08

The usual cause of this is that the ribbon cable is connected the wrong way round as RobTheOrganGuru has indicated. click here
With an IDE hard drive, pin 1 of the ribbon cable is normally closest to the power cable but this isn't always the case with floppy drives. Pin 1 of the ribbon is at the end with the coloured stripe and there is usually some indication on the drive as to which is pin 1.
If you are certain that the connection is correct you could look in the BIOS to make sure that the floppy settings are correct there.

  Nemo_t 18:13 25 Mar 08

Hi everyone

Ive checked to see if the floppy cable is the wrong way round but it isnt, when I turn it round just to check, it comes up with drive error

Any ideas what to do now ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:25 25 Mar 08

"look in the BIOS to make sure that the floppy settings are correct there."

make sure set to 1.44
disable floppy seek

  Nemo_t 18:31 25 Mar 08

Cheers fruit bat will check it in a sec

Will let you know :)

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