Floppy failure

  cherie 09:06 20 Jun 04

I'm a Primary School Deputy Head & I have the task of checking School Reports before they go to parents. I've been checking one teacher's reports saved on a floppy disk. It worked OK last week but since I made changes to the data it will not now open!! There are several reports on it. Have I lost them all? Is it possible to check on the computer and see if the data is there? I didn't save it to my hard drive!!

  spanneress 09:17 20 Jun 04

Have you tried searching your hard drivve using the report names?

try click here is fantastic...one of the guru's on here recommended it and it worked miracles for me..and it's free..best of luck!

  Gongoozler 09:17 20 Jun 04

Hi cherie. If you didn't save the files to your hard drive at any time, it is unlikely that you can recover them from your computer. Have you looked at the floppy disk in Windows Explorer to see if there are any recoverable files on it. If there aren't, you might be able to recover the disk using a data recovery tool. Try downloading a free trial of Ontrack easyrecoverylite to see if the files are recoverable. click here

  Gongoozler 09:23 20 Jun 04

The site recommended by spanneress looks good, but I think the link got corrupted. Try this one

click here

  cherie 09:42 20 Jun 04

Thanks for the various bits of advice. The main problem with recovery is that the computer(Win XP) does not recognise that there is a disk in the drive so recovery progs. will not be able to see the files!! I'll try the hard drive to see if it has kept any of the files but I'm not very hopeful!!

  spanneress 09:52 20 Jun 04

Sounds like your A drive is playing up..can you put another disc in it and see that with no problems? How quickly do you need to resolve this?

  cherie 09:57 20 Jun 04

Yes, I can see other disks. I was also able to see this disk on the same computer last week. I've also tried it in my laptop & it can't see it either!!

  feb 10:03 20 Jun 04

Hi cherie, what os did the teacher use to make the disc?

  spanneress 10:04 20 Jun 04

Just had a quick look on google..found this click here, other than that I can only suggest you ring the teacher and pray they have copies...I never rely on floppies as they are so volatile..hopefully one of the guru's will be along with a brighter suggestion...sorry I can't be of more help.

  cherie 10:08 20 Jun 04

Hi, feb,
I'm not sure which OS she used but I think I'll have to phone & confess all!!
Hopefully she's got it all on her hard drive!!

  cherie 10:09 20 Jun 04

Thanks to all of you for your help:)

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