floppy drive not working

  steveooo 12:30 05 Apr 06

i have recently built a new p4 machine and everthing is working smootly apart from i cant gt the fdd working its out of my old machine and was working fine.

im sure i have the cable the correct way as the light only comes on when try and use it, when i try nd use it in xp it says please insert disk when there is one in any ideas????

  WhiteTruckMan 12:40 05 Apr 06

if so, try the other one. while you are at it, check that its seated correctly in its socket on the MB.


  steveooo 12:54 05 Apr 06

still no joy it tries to read the disk i can hear it but stops and says no disk present

  terryf 13:51 05 Apr 06

does the fd appear in Device Manager?

  steveooo 14:26 05 Apr 06

showing no probs

  Diodorus Siculus 14:29 05 Apr 06

Is it enabled in the BIOS?

  steveooo 14:34 05 Apr 06

enabled 1.44mb

  DieSse 18:07 05 Apr 06

The cable will only work in one specific way

The end near the twist in the cable goes on the drive.

The other end goes on the motherboard

DO NOT use the centre connector

The red stripe on the cable is the end that Pin1 of the connector is at. make sure Pin1 goes where it should at each end.

  Pamy 18:55 05 Apr 06

When you have done every thing that is suggested, and you still cannot get it to work, ask yourself "do I REALY nead it". I have not used mine for over a year.

  Totally-braindead 19:28 05 Apr 06

It is possible that the cable has been damaged by the moving or it is also possible that the drive has failed, you should be able to get a new floppy and a cable for less than a tenner including postage, what I would do if I was in your boat is beg borrow or steal a floppy cable from a mates PC and try that. Same with the actual drive itself, that would at least tell you whats wrong.

Only joking about the steal bit I of course mean to borrow.

  Terry Brown 19:38 05 Apr 06

Does your new machine have SATA harddrive only, or do you have a PCI Drive.
The reason I ask is because a friend of mine had the same problem-could see the floppy, but would not operate it, however as soon as he added another hard drive (PCI) the floppy was OK.
It seems that a sata only machine needs a USB floppy drive. Hope this

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