floppy drive not responding

When I power up my computer I get the error "Floppy disks fail (40) " and I have to press F1 to get the computer to start.
When I try the floppy drive when the computer is up it says " the floppy disk controller reported an error that is not recognised by the floppy disk driver.
Can anyone help?

  Diemmess 12:13 24 Apr 06

Have a look in the BIOS and make sure that the Floppy drive is quoted correctly. (A: or Floppy drive 1 and 1.44Mb)

  Diemmess 12:15 24 Apr 06

Correction... Floppy drive 0

Of course, it may be dead, in which case replacements are very cheap!

  rmcqua 12:15 24 Apr 06

Could also be a faulty connection in the floppy connector lead.

Dont know too much.
How do I do this?

  Diemmess 13:39 24 Apr 06

From cold
Switch on and keep tapping DEL key. (Or F2 in some computers)
Quite suddenly the screen turns blue with gold and red text.
The mouse wont work but you can move around using arrow keys and Enter to select from the menu.

If you need to make a change use PgUp or PgDn to scroll through the altenatives.
To go back press Esc.

There are usually all sorts of key prompts around the edge of the screen

Alter nothing without a reason, but when you have made any changes you can either save these or abandon any changes.
The system will then reboot normally.

rmcqua's suggestion- pull out and firmly replug in the same place the ribbon cable that goes from motherboard to the back of your floppy drive.
This cable seldom goes faulty on its own but if you can borrow another to try, do make sure it is plugged exactly as the original one is now.

  Terry Brown 13:55 24 Apr 06

You could also try the folowing:goto control panel, system,Hardware,Device Manager, Floppy Disk Controller. Click to open and uninstall, do the same with Floppy disk drive.Dependant on your version of windows, (either top for XP or bottom for winme /98), click refresh.This will re-check your system hardware and repair any missing software.

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