floppy disk not working

  sadie 2 15:48 19 Sep 05

can someone help please i get a message comeupit says

can some one help i get a message saying (no id address was found on floppy disk thanks

  Taff36 15:56 19 Sep 05

Can you copy the exact message with anything it says in the title bar above it. Is this a floppy with something on you`re trying to read and is it just the one disc or are other discs OK?

  sadie 2 16:00 19 Sep 05

it tells me on all disks the same

  sadie 2 16:09 19 Sep 05

A:\ is not accessible
no id address was found on the floppy disk

  Taff36 16:21 19 Sep 05

Is there something on the disks such as a file that you know is there but can`t access it or are these brand new disks?

  woodchip 16:22 19 Sep 05

Sounds like you bought unformated DOS discs. Right click the disc choose forme. see if it then works

  sadie 2 16:32 19 Sep 05

i need to open a file

  VoG II 17:30 19 Sep 05

Try it on another computer. The floppy disk drive may have packed up.

  Jak_1 17:34 19 Sep 05

If the drive has packed in then it is easier and cheaper to simply replace the drive, a new drive should cost less than a tenner. What OS btw?

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