Floppy disk noises?

  spider9 12:59 30 Jun 04

I have noticed that when I click on any file etc on my desktop, the floppy disk 'light' comes on, and a whirring noise occurs momentarily.
Even when opening outlook Express, I get the same thing. In fact it seems to be 'activating' a seach for a floppy disc regardless of what I'm actually doing.
Can anyone tell me if I may have disturbed some setting that could be causing this?? Because it really is begining to do my head in!
Thanks, in anticipation.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:03 30 Jun 04

Clear out any shortcuts in your "documents" folder in the start menu - there could be one there which refers to a file you opened on a floppy.

  spider9 13:09 30 Jun 04

Just been into 'Documents' folder, but no shortcuts there.

  €dstowe 14:13 30 Jun 04

Try re-booting. That often stops it - until the next time you use the drive.

  spider9 16:24 30 Jun 04

Actually, I did a 'system restore' and problems is solved (but not why it happened!) - Oh well, ever onward!!
Thanks to all'

  €dstowe 16:25 30 Jun 04

Put it down to "one of those things"!!

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