floppy disk drive trouble

  mushkie 19:21 19 Jan 05

installed a floppy disk drive but it not able to read from or write to disks,the rest of the computer works normally,put the drive in a friends computer it functions normally. any ideas

  ICF 19:24 19 Jan 05

Do you have to enable it in the bios?

  stugra 19:25 19 Jan 05

possible cable loose or faulty?

  961 19:25 19 Jan 05

wrong connection? Easy to connect floppy drive wrong way round

not enabled in BIOS?

  Jeffers22 19:25 19 Jan 05

Cable the right way round?

  Dorsai 19:32 19 Jan 05

My money is on the cable being the wrong way round.

For some unknown (to me) reason, a floppy drive will operate almost normally with the cable in upside down. Other that the fact that it will not allow you to read/write the disks in in it!

Been there, done that. D'Oh.

  mushkie 20:44 20 Jan 05

thanks to everyone who answered it was the cable
thanks again

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