Floppy Disk Drive

  Dellman 11:41 23 Oct 04

I have recently purchased a new PC. Mesh PC AMD64 Processor running with Windows XP (SP2. However since it did not come with a floppy disk drive I have purchased an external floppy disk drive peripheral (Packard Bell - PB-UFD100)connected by way of USB.

I am experiencing difficulties in having some of my old diskettes read by this drive, The following warning pops up:"The Disk in Drive A is not formatted". However these diskettes can be read on my old PC and work PC?

Can anyone diagnose what the problem is/what the solution might be? Have we purchased a rogue Drive Unit?


  Diodorus Siculus 12:42 23 Oct 04

Not the drive but the way that XP reads floppies as far as I can tell - the web is inundated with documentation relating to the inability of some XP machines to read floppies formatted in other machines - even others with XP.

  stylehurst 13:22 23 Oct 04

I am finding that the quality of floppy disks has detoriated my old ones 10 yrs old are fine, but modern ones say upto 2 yrs old fail with the message you state after about a years use.
To get round this problem I try to (and usually succeed) recover the files using the following free program "Flop Show". It works very well.
click here

  Dellman 22:05 24 Oct 04

Anymore help from anyone?

  Dan the Confused 22:20 24 Oct 04

You could look in CMOS BIOS Setup and check that the floppy-related options are correct. Get into BIOS by pressing the key it says on the first screen you see when you boot up (DEL on mine).

It comes under the heading 'Standard CMOS Setup' in my version of BIOS (same screen as the hard drive info). I think High Density (1.44mb) diskettes are the most common.

  Dellman 21:59 26 Oct 04

Anymore theories/suggestions?


  Diodorus Siculus 13:27 27 Oct 04

What have you tried so far?

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