floppy disk cant read floppies

  e-t 15:42 23 Jun 04

i have built an new pc but the floppy disk wont read flopppies i have tried the drive in another machine an it works fine both machines run xp pro cables are connected ok, set up in bios ok just keep getting message please insert flopy disk

  Diemmess 15:58 23 Jun 04

Does the drive light come on when attempting to read?

Or is it on all the time?

Either way, to start the ball rolling, try reversing the data cable at the floppy end, or it might be possible to have plugged the cable the wrong way round on the motherboard. Then again you may be using the Drive B: connector, ie the one before the last on the cable.

  Diemmess 16:00 23 Jun 04

You have tested your drive in another computer, have you tried a different data cable in your computer?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:39 23 Jun 04

Uninstall and re install floppy controller in device manager.

  woodchip 22:47 23 Jun 04

Check you have the ribbon cable the right way round

  e-t 13:27 30 Jun 04

thanks for all your help the problem was that the screws were to tight on the floppy loosened them a touch an now works ok

  Diemmess 20:32 30 Jun 04

If there was slight misalignment which prevented the floppy disk from dropping fully home - that's all it takes.

I should have remembered, that was my problem with a silly, bulging, "curvacious" plastic front. ...............After I had bought and fitted a new floppy drive, which also didn't work when fully assembled, but did as soon as I pulled the front off again!

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