Floppy disc problem

  fullywired23 18:03 22 Sep 03

Whenever I put a "floppy" in the floppy drive it doen't read it but asks if I want to format the disc ,if I click Yes it then says "cannot format the disc and displays a yellow triangle with a exclamation mark.Yet the green light comes on during the p.o.s.t and according to device manager the device is working correctly
I should add that the greenlight goes out as it should at start up
Is the drive "kaput"? Or has anyone any suggestions to what might be the cause


  DieSse 18:12 22 Sep 03

It's entirely possible the drive is faulty.

Device Manager does not test the drive - merely reports that it is present and the driver appears to be correctly loaded.

Likewise the seek at start up is just that - it restores the heads to their standard rest position.

The drive could be totally unable to read yet pass the above conditions.

  Peverelli 19:37 22 Sep 03

Can the disk be read in the floppy drive of another computer? If so, then it's probably the drive (or cable?).

  kinger 20:06 22 Sep 03

Go into device manager and uninstall the floppy disc drivers.


This will force the floppy drive files to be reinstalled.

Insert your floppy and all will be well.

  fullywired23 22:39 22 Sep 03

Thanks to DieSse,peverelli&kinger

I tried kingers solution but I'm afraid it did'nt do the trick,I suspect its broken,it looks like I need a new one .The good news is they don't cost much

Thanks again

  fullywired23 18:47 26 Sep 03

I have replaced the drive with a new drive and another cable and have had partial success .I can read some floppies and I have formatted a floppy.but things are not right yet. I get a message now and the saying the A drive is not responding and I have to press ctrl+alt + delete .to get out of it.according to the computer there are no conflicts
What else could it be????


  Dazwm 19:08 26 Sep 03

You best do a new post because you have ticked it so no one will reply!!!

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