Floppy Disc Help

  I,Me and Myself 20:45 21 Jun 06

Trying to access info on a floppy disc but nothing happening. When I scan the disc drive with the floppy in I get the following message:

Scan was completed with error. This volume does not contain a recognized file system.

Any thing I can do as the floppy contains vital info.

  DieSse 21:02 21 Jun 06

Try it in another system.

Try some software such as:-
click here

click here

and others if you google.

  vinnyT 11:34 22 Jun 06

If those links diesse gave, don't work, there are companies who can extract the info and put it on cd-rom for you, cost money.

Can't find links, soory, but look in the back of pc mags in whsmiths, there's normally a few listed there.

Hope this helps.

  mattyc_92 14:29 22 Jun 06

I would use something like "BadCopy Pro" (DieSse's first link) or something simlar.

The route that vinnyT has suggested, can be VERY extensive

  woodchip 14:38 22 Jun 06

If it was create on one comp like XP then open on 98 it will not go

  vinnyT 11:07 23 Jun 06

Only reason I put it up for consideration, mattyc_92, is because I,Me and Myself stated the disks contain vital info.

  mattyc_92 12:08 23 Jun 06

I realise that, and I wasn't employing that your idea shouldn't be looked at.

I was just stating that it could cost a arm and a leg ;-)

  vinnyT 12:52 23 Jun 06

Fair enough

  I,Me and Myself 11:21 28 Jun 06

Thanks, with ALL of your help I have managed to get my vital data back.

It is now on a new floppy disc, also on a CD Rom too,

Cheers> :)

  vinnyT 15:39 01 Jul 06


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