Floppy disc drive

  prozac1947 10:54 01 Oct 03

Long story - end result I took out my floppy disc drive and can't put it back in!!
Found a great site to help, only thing is the "little white connector" next to the cable comes from the plug in the hard drive, and doesn't seem to work. There is only one of these connectors in my new comp.
In the old one it comes from somewhere else ???
Help please.

  Inky 11:41 01 Oct 03

I think the connector you are referring to is the mains supply. Is there another plug wired to the power supply unit in your computer which has been tied out of the way?

  prozac1947 12:04 01 Oct 03

Inky - just had a look lots of "dangly bits" but nothing else like that particular connector

  Diemmess 15:34 01 Oct 03

"Little white connector" sounds like the power connector for the drive. It should look different from its bigger brothers which go to CDROM or HDs, nevertheless all will route back to the PSUnit at some stage......... It will have red, black, yellow etc. wires to it. Like big brother it shouldn't be possible to plug it in wrong way round but there's always something out there.......

  Djohn 15:44 01 Oct 03

Just thinking! If your new PC came without a floppy drive fitted, [Some now do] might be a dedicated PSU that does not have power connector for a floppy, This is only a guess, and I don't know for sure if this applies.

Anyway if this is the case, then you can buy an adaptor that will fit into the larger size connector to reduce to same size as the floppy requires. Have a look in your old PC for the size of the connector, then see if there is one the same size in your new PC.

  SEASHANTY 16:05 01 Oct 03

Thwe little white flat plug. The power input to the floppy. Are you sure that you have inserted it correctly. Its keyed in the slot and if by some chance you have connected it in wrongly then the pins will not be connecting. I have noticed that with this smaller power plug for floppies that the colour coding of the wires seems to be opposite to all the others. i.e. HDD. CD-ROM/DVD Drives. So the latter have the yellow wires from the white plug nearest the side of the PC case whereas the floppy has the RED wire of the white plug nearest the side of the PC case.

  prozac1947 17:13 01 Oct 03

My floppy was put in out of my old comp, it did work until 2 days ago when I reformatted the hard drive - then, due to probs I put in into the old one, when I put it back it seemed "dead" I have chedked and the red wire is nearest, so I will just set it up and see if it is has a green light on !!!!!!!!
Thanks Sue

  SEASHANTY 20:50 01 Oct 03

Also check that the ribbon cable is fully home on the floppy drive and that pin 1 (marked on the drive) has the red edge of the ribbon cable on that side.

  prozac1947 10:43 02 Oct 03

Hi - I now have power in the floppy disk drive - the green light is on. I found the cable that was in my old comp.

It still does not seem to be "reading" the diskettes. When I put one in the green light does not flicker.

  PA28 11:19 02 Oct 03

See my comment on your other thread - is this the A: or B: drive..............

  PA28 11:20 02 Oct 03

Oh, and take Seashanty's comments. The red (or black) stripe down the side of the ribbon cable should be nearest to your power connector.

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