Floppy disc can't be read

  Colt45 20:45 07 Feb 03

Any tips on trying to get files off a floppy disc that has just stopped working? Floppy drive is fine. The disc just stopped being able to be read while I was using it.

  TECHNODIMWIT 20:50 07 Feb 03

click here

Hope this helps

  Wak 21:00 07 Feb 03

Just in case the above suggestion doesn't help you, I read somewhere about a floppy disc which couldn't be read because of the metal cover which didn't slide across anymore thus stopping the drive from reading the actual disc.
The person involved simply removed the metal cover with a pair of pliers, read the disc to the hard drive and then copied the info on to another floppy disc.
It obviously ruins the original disc but at least you can get at the info.

  Rayuk 17:10 10 Feb 03

Did you have any success if not please post again as a solution given to me today seems a little odd but my workmate said it worked.

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