Flight simulator RealFlight G2

  THE TERMINATOR 18:58 02 Jan 05

Hello chaps.
My father-in-law has just got a pc, and he has seen a simulator in a modeling mag about a program called RealFlight G2+G3but every site I can find is american and has prices in dollars. Is there anyone who has it or knows of a uk site I can go to....TT

  ACOLYTE 19:07 02 Jan 05

I think this is just a us product and not on sale in the uk yet irvines is the only dealer i can find and they are us based.

  Pauper 21:18 02 Jan 05

Not too sure if this is the version you are after, but you could try here - click here or the light version click here

  Pauper 21:22 02 Jan 05

Available on e-bay, from the US but will post worldwide click here

  dogtrack 22:00 02 Jan 05

you do realise that Real Flight G2 is a Radio Controled Aircraft Sim, using Virtual model aircraft?? As apposed to a "Real Flight" Sim, such as FS9 or FS2002.

  THE TERMINATOR 22:08 02 Jan 05

Thanks Pauper that'll do fine just what I want.

by the way dogtrack I know what RealFlight is otherwise I would'nt be asking would I?

  dogtrack 09:28 07 Jan 05

thats ok Terminator, just checking. I have been Simming for years and never realised there was a version for RC models. Just shows, we are never too old to learn!

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