Flight Simulator 2004

  DAKAR 23:37 17 Mar 09

Can anyone help or advise on what I can do, when I am playing Flight Sim after about 5 minutes it minimises and sits in the bottom task bar then I have to bring it back up and press P to continue this happens through out the time I am on the game It appears something keeps timing out but I dont know what it could be or where to go to alter it.
Help greatly appreciated

  muddypaws 09:15 18 Mar 09

The only time it has done it for me is when I am still connected on line and an Anti Spyware etc gets an update, but every 5 minutes tends to rule that out.
Suggest you try on FS forum click here
Have you tried re-setting defaults:
Start>All Progs>Microsoft games>FS2004>trouble shooting> reset defaults.
Just remember what personal settings you have established.

  DAKAR 17:42 18 Mar 09

Thanks muddypaws I will try resetting all back to default will let you know

  muddypaws 18:31 18 Mar 09

Have you got any or all of the settings at maximum? This could cause a graphic's card or CPU problem. If a reset cures it-- that is likely to be the problem
Has it only just started doing it?

  DAKAR 20:47 18 Mar 09

Hi muddypaws
when you say the settings what settings do you mean
I have also posed the question on flight sim forum but they are not as quick of the mark as you guys

  muddypaws 12:25 19 Mar 09

Go to 'Create a Flight' screen.
Bottom left is the settings tab.
Work your way through all the tabs and sliders.
'Display' also has tabs across the top. Have a look here at the 'Weather' settings. Particularly '3D clouda' and 'Cloud draw' distance
If you have them all at max then lower them a bit.
Especially check the 'Realism' settings.
Have you tried leaving FS on the opening screen ( Create a flight' etc). Does it crash from that screen or only when you are actually flying?
Does it do it when you are flying a basic Cessna?
Are you connected to the internet when flying because, as I said earlier, if a programme is checking for updates it can cause the fault.
ie have you got a minimised mail programme set to check for messages every 5 minutes.
Anything more technical than the above I fear will have be tackled by brainier people than me.

  DAKAR 20:03 19 Mar 09

Hi muddypaws
Thankyou very much for the information that makes a lot of sense I will work through what you have suggested and get back to you. yes it crashes while flying a basic cessna

  DAKAR 19:11 23 Mar 09

Hi muddy paws
I have reset all settings down to default and it appears to be working ok at present
Thanks a lot for your help

  muddypaws 19:47 23 Mar 09

Glad you are now up and running. Hope it stays that way for you. mp

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