Flea Power

  silverstone 13:49 09 Jun 09

I saw the the letter on Flea Power in the latest PCA and it provided a workaround for a startup problem with my computer. When I do a full shutdown my PC will not restart unless I switch off at the mains, hold down the start button for 5 secs, switch the mains back on and it then starts as normal. I'm OK with this but it drives my wife mad!
The computer never used to behave like this so does anyone know how to fix it so that I don't need to use this tiresome procedure?

  birdface 14:52 09 Jun 09

Not got a clue.But reading some threads it tells you with laptops to remove the battery and power connector and hold the start button down for 10 seconds then reconnect and try and start again.This was supposed to remove any static from the laptop and help with it restarting.
Maybe something similar with your computer.But just guessing.

  keef66 17:05 09 Jun 09

Don't want to alarm you unneccessarily, but our pc started doing that, then it would require a 5 minute wait between switching on at the mains and the power switch on the case. Eventually worked out the motherboard was at fault when I took the whole thing to bits; some of the capacitors had started leaking.

New motherboard and it starts first time, every time.

  silverstone 18:24 09 Jun 09

Thanks for the comments which I suspect may prove to be correct. My PC is getting on a bit, probably 8 years old and with various upgrades along the way.
Time to think of a new computer perhaps!

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