Flat screen monitor cleaning

  SimpleStevie 14:01 21 Apr 03

My flat screen monitor is starting to look a bit dirty with the odd greasy fingermark on it. I was just wondering what the best way to clean it was? I used to use ordinary window cleaner on my old monitor but I dont want to put anything on it that will damage the screen. Cheers ppl

  Murray 14:17 21 Apr 03

try here - or something like it
click here

  hoverman 14:44 21 Apr 03

Do you know where these cleaning cloths can be purchased in the UK? At the moment I use a cotton wool ball lightly damped with distilled water (never tap water) to remove marks on my TFT monitor. Best way to avoid marks is NEVER to touch the screen.

  Diemmess 14:57 21 Apr 03

The screen is delicate but not that delicate.

Try a soft cloth dampened with just a trace of washing up liquid in a lot of water.......The idea is to help the moist cloth without leaving any residue.

Abrasives and solvents a big NO.

  3ToedSloth 14:59 21 Apr 03

Using a top quality glasses cleaning cloth from a reputable high street optician,is my suggestion.They come in a few differing fibres,so ask the optician to reccomend for you.I wouldn't bother using any sort of liquid or spray though,and dont be ham fisted-gentle rubbing is the key.

  Jeff Ross 18:02 24 Apr 03

For some advice, see 'How To Clean an LCD Panel':
click here

  accord 18:05 24 Apr 03

pcworld do some screen wipes, i use them on my laptop and TFT screen.

  hoverman 18:35 24 Apr 03

Do not like the reference by Apple to use 'water only'. They should really have emphasised distilled water. Water straight from the tap can contain damaging particles.

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